It was a wild ride.

Can’t say much about the Celtics loss in Game 7, team was outplayed in the second half. One more thing struck my mind after the loss: I just can’t describe how proud I am of this Boston Celtics team. Really, missing their key players to injuries with some of the starters playing hurt, to reach all the way to the ECF AND pushing it to 7 games is really really inspiring story to everybody. I love this Celtics team no doubt about it. They played their heart out, pure grit and warrior-like mentality. Showed time and time again what is meant to be a Celtic and embracing Celtic Pride.

The future is bright. Whether the Big 3 era is done or not, the future looks promising as ever. With the emergence of Avery Bradley, possible returns of Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox, I believe Danny Ainge can and will make the Big 3 stay at least another year and surround them with quality players. with salary cap clearing next season, we have plenty to spend on versatile vets to prolong this run. I hope Danny reads my post and do something about it. To be honest, I don’t want this team to break up significantly, they’re just so so special. Celtics forever baby.

Disappointing loss!

Game 2 vs. Miami was, if not one of the best, the best Rajon Rondo individual performance that unfortunately resulted in a Boston loss, and down 0-2 going to Boston :( Yes it was frustrating to see how close Boston was in stealing home court. Nevertheless, I still believe this team can stage a comeback at TD Garden, hopefully tying the series back!

Aside from the loss, people should really stop saying Rondo is great because he has 3 future HOF’ers and he has no jump shot and blah blah blah. Lets put it to rest shall we? Rondo’s drive and passion is somewhat similar to Bird’s, which is why I think Danny Ainge should build a contender around him once the others retire. The series is not over yet guys, have faith in the Celtics despite all these. We can still do this!


Gearing up

2012 ECSF: Celtics vs. Sixers, GAME 2

Hey guys sorry for being idle the past few months, been busy with college work. So our beloved Boston Celtics had made it past Round 1 vs. Atlanta in 6 games, and currently tied with Philly 1 game apiece.

In my opinion, I did not like anything that i see from Game 2, it was really hard to watch the Celtics play (Sixers too) with dismal offensive game all night. I want to be disappointed with the late moving screen call on KG, but that’s no doubt the correct call. Just unfortunate it was in the last seconds.

We’re all believers, that Boston can make it to the ECF. I just hope they play with more energy and sense of urgency since all this “this is the final run” talk surfaced over and over again. Here looking forward we can regain homecourt in game 3 and find our offense back again. What do you think about the C’s chances of getting past Philly?